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Black Magic & Meth
Date: Saturday, 6 October 2001, 12:50 pm
In Response To: Re: My Day of Reckoning! (Kit)

When I was younger, about to leave home, I was reading about black magic and had been experimenting with crystal meth. My new boyfriend had experimented with the Occult, and had some intriguing stories to tell. One evening I was straight, and tired as a result. As I was about to drift off to sleep, I heard 3 knocks. (Satan uses three to mock the Trinity.)
I felt so comfortable and tired, I drifted further off into sleep, but the knocks repeated, and grew louder.
Soon I hear what sounded like a swarm of bees growing closer and closer to me, and I felt myself being pulled down into what felt like a spinning vortex.

Suddenly, I was gripped by the sensation that if I didn't get up, I would die. Trying to jump up from the couch, terror shot through me. I couldn't move. I could hear my brothers and sisters around me in the living room. It was as if I could see through my eyelids and I knew where everyone was, but I was completely parilyzed.

I tried to yell, but nothing came out of my mouth! Finally I jerked free of whatever "had" me and I lay there breathing rapidly on the couch, eyes wide open.
"Didn't you guys hear me?" I asked, upset.
"What?" my sister asked.
"I was calling you to wake me up, didn't you hear me?"
"No, you didn't say anything, Boo." my little brother didn't even glance up from Nintendo.

"Damn!" I thought, wondering with morbid curiosity, "if I drifted off again I could control it?" This sensation was soemthing else.

Sure enough, it happened again, and at first I could control it. It was like being in another dimension. But as soon as I fell deeper into sleep, the paralisys would take over again, and I'd end up fighting for my life.

The next night, I heart a scraping soun against the window. It grew louder, and turned into a tearing sound and I looked up from my single bed to see what it was. The wood next to my window was actually buckling. "What the hell?" I thought. Was there someone in the back yard with a machine? To my horror, there was a giant black bird the size of 2 men outside my window, ripping at the wood in the wal with huge claws, trying to get at me.
My heart pounded out of my chest as I saw the wood rip away and the glass break. There was loud scream, and suddendly I realized it came from my own mouth! It woke me from a sound sleep. I had been dreaming,
but no dream had ever affected me like that.

I retreated to the livingroom and drank coffee so I wouldn't go back to sleep. Shaken, I knew what happened to me was spiritual.

Anyone who knows me knows about my frequent nightmares. I'm used to them. If I don't get them for a while, I get bored and go watch a horror movie. Horror movies don't even scare me because of things I've seen in my dreams. The psychiatrist now says it's from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from things that happened to me in my youth. But back then, I didn't know this.

All I knew is that whatever happened to me was worse than any nightmare. It was so real I could feel the wood pushing against my skin. I could hear it buckling, and smell the grassy dirt from the back yard as the window shattered. The wind from the creature's wings disturbed the curtains and for all intensive purposes, whatever happened was real. I was truly terrified.

From that point on, I gave up any interest I had in black magic. Later, I gave my life back to the Lord. And to this day, I can not explain what happened that night.

Shebuah Burke

> I had that happen 3 times.
> One time I was lying in bed and I couldn't
> move, it was the same as being paralized, I
> heard evil laughter and felt a something
> pass over my throat, kind of like it was
> being cut. Then I heard a male voice say
> this isn't a joke.
> Then I was able to move after that, it was
> very frightening


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